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Programming Languages Are For Humans

Today, I would like to share my final paper from the Technical Writing course I took this semester. I intended this paper to be read by a general audience, so don't be discouraged when I say that it's about programming languages. 

This paper isn't perfect, and I am by no means an expert, but I feel like it would be better to share this than to discard it. 

BTW, not to gloat, but the main author whom I'm quoting thinks I did alright! 

Excellent job Zengid. I think you actually understood the work quite well. Not easy given the amount of data in that paper! — Andreas Stefik (@AndreasStefik) December 13, 2016

Note: I'll try to figure out how to add hyperlinks to the outline and the glossary without Blogger fudging it up, but maybe not right away.

Programming Languages Are For Humans Syntax Design and Its Effect on Intuitiveness